Game Days

Game Days, Fall 2019

With Julian McFaul, Dan Jones and our fantastic summer AiC team!

Saturday, October 5, 10am-4pm

The Marches of Nagooth

Forest Park
Myrtle Ave & Park Lane S, Forest Hills
Ages 8-15

Ridiculous elves and wingnut goblins battle over territory and the acquisition of magical power! This is a simple and nimble game, a variant of capture the flag where each team has slightly different powers and territories to start. The following backstory is there for flavor, you can play with it as much or as little as you like, but you need no experience in live action tactics or theatre to have fun and enter our world quickly!

Caer Sidi

About Adventures in Cardboard Game Days

Our Game Days are a one day smorgasbord of Adventures in Cardboard's crafting, theater and live action strategic games. Think Risk or Stratego, but played on your feet and where the playing board is several square miles of parkland divided into mythical provinces. You can work as a team or strike off on your own. Territories can be found, captured and defended and are often populated by mystical characters. Ancient relics can be found in auspicious wild places and used with amazing magical effects.

The action in all of our games ranges from sportingly competitive to creatively improvisational. Whether kids like to dive into mock battle or wander peacefully about The Realm looking for hidden magic treasure or fantastic creatures to converse with, they will find something they love while immersing themselves in a beautiful natural setting.

In the first hour of your game day our artists will help teams create the basic equipment you will need to strike off on your own in a dangerous realm, capable of brokering mortal decisions in the blink of an eye. Typically this starts with a sword and shield, but may branch off into any fancy.  After practicing the rules of Safe Sword Tag, we quickly dive into a game of strategic capture the flag, with a layer of theatrical role-playing woven in to affect outcomes based on how the kids interact with each other, how they interact with characters they meet and how they use any magical relics found along the way.

Finally, every game has a different story. Sometimes we get quite fanciful with the backstory and tie it all into a much larger history that is always developing in The Realm. This is a history you can add to by your actions and deeds if you like, but you can also utterly ignore it. Some players focus on tactics and strategy exclusively, some just want to walk around with their newly crafted sword and duel whomever will accept their challenge, some like to explore for relics and others get quite theatrical with characters while they look for counselors or other players to interact with. Yet it all blends together quite well and most often everyone finds a way to be part of the whole!

Adventures in Cardboard® Castle
a small part of one of our castles in Minnesota, Summer 2019.