House Hákkarl: The Seekers

“Clan of the Toothy Deep”

The Ikkerik are the latest arrivals to The Realm. Their language is said to be understood by the Ghoddi and Khodé people, though the Ikkerik speak in a manner that other newcomers consider ancient. The name House of Hákkarl means “House of the Seeking One.”

The Hákarla or “seekers” were the first Ikkerik to land in The Realm following Jarl Teigh Brú Hahn. In the Old North three times the sun had run the course of the solstice but winter had only settled in a little more with each pass. Gripped in ice, there was no spring to renew the grains, and the Fryst-Skrímsli returned to cannibalize the steads of the living after a century’s absence. It was first foretold among the seers of the Wolf Clan that this winter would be everlasting. They foresaw the Ikkerik reaching a land that lay across the grinding ice far to the south: a land of eternal warmth, a land of plenty, a land alive with magic, and that one Hákarlan Jarl, who they would call The Sjohere, the sea beast, would find a way to this new land following the fylgya of a Raven.

Teigh Brú Hahn or “Tiburon” united three great Ikkerik clans under the banner of the Sjohere and followed the raven south to The Realm, these were The Hákarla. But many Ikkerik refused to follow them, and those who stayed behind in The Old North followed the old goddesses to the Valley of Gyddjudal. What ever become of these Ikkerik in The Old North, none now know.

Teigh Brú Hahn means “bridger of lands” and was the title taken by this lord when his entourage arrived in The Realm. The House of Hákkarl took up the sigil of the Sjohere or sea beast, for Teigh Brú Hahn had lost his arm to such a beast in his youth.

The people of Hákkarl still remain a seafaring people, both fearless mariners and exquisite ship builders. And though the Elder Houses consider the Ikkerik barbaric, they are often sought for the usefulness and beauty of the objects they make with their own hands. It is a mystery how the smiths of Hákkarl devise some of the strongest and supplest blades ever seen in the Realm.

Hákkarla Family Names: Gylfang, Agnar, Ingolfr, Vilhjalmer, Sigurd, Hludana

Hákkarl’s hue is sable.

Hákkarl’s eord-sigil is pale-gris a knotwork wyrm argent in full, gyronny sable.

Virtues most esteemed by the House of Hákkarl are tenacity, vigilance and decisiveness.

Hákkarl pronounced with the “á” as in apple, HACK – arl.